Blood Donation System: Bloodster Donation


Logical Model


Relational Model

In my database system class we spent a semester learning about database design which involves logical model and relational model and database programming which involves Structured Query Language (SQL), the software that we use to design database is Oracle meanwhile PHPmyAdmin is for program the database.

Throughout the course we learned how database system (design and programming) are used to construct and manage data of a system For example, in database design we learned abaout Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) which be used to represent the data requirement of a busniess regardless of the type of database that is used while database programming we learned on how exactly to create, remove, update, and delete data in a database system.

For our final project, we were asked to develop one database system which can perform CRUD functions. The system that we chosen is Blood Donation System or we called it as Bloodster Donation, we built this system for ease the process of donating blood where the hospital's staff can calculate the amount of blood that collected and record blood donor's information. The system also can eventually generate a report with detailed information on the amount of people who donated their blood in several event. The selected software and DBMS for develop this system is Oracle Databse (ERD/Relational model) and PHPmyAdmin (SQL)