House Inventory of Residential College Management System (HIRC)

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In System Analysis and Design course, we spent a semester learning on how the concepts and business ideas is being transfrom into IT process. Thus, how IT System Analyst gather information from client, design a system based upon those requirements, documented, delivered, and explain it to the development department. It involved several phases to before develop a system which is SDLC phases.

Throughout the semester we learned to analyze business case, managing system projects, requirements modeling, data and process modeling, object modeling, development strategies, UI design, Data design, system architecture, managing system implementation, and lastly managing system support and security. All of these are important to manage internal problems, improve efficiency and expand opprtunities, and it has a direct impact on the bottom line of a business.

In order to practice of what we learned, we are required to build a system with providing a project proposal. The system that we built is House Inventory of Residential College System (HIRC). The purpose of our project is to help residential colleges' student to fill the online form of their house utility and residential colleges' staffs can keep record of utilities in systematic way. My role for the project is project manager where by I have to monitor all the my teamwork task and check the error of their task such as context diagram, DFDs' diagram, Process Description Tools, Database design and coding.