Computer Architecture & Organisation (CAO) Innovation Exhibition 2018: HOME PC 1980


In my computer arhictecture and organization course we spent half of semester learning, to build a great innovation of PC which is the main component of computer. The theme for this innovation is Green Computing which means the study and practice of environmentally sustainable computing. The goals is eco-friendly and to maximize energy efficiency during the product's lifetime.

The innvovation that we made is called as 'Home PC 1980', we use water cooling system instead of heat sink. It is because Water Cooling system is more effective to cool down the processor's heat, low cost maintenance, and it less noisy as compared with heat sink. The cooling agent in our innovation is river's stone, the study had shown that one of the reasons on why river water is cold is because the stone in it. Thus, we practice the study to use as a cooling system in PC and we found that the river stone indeeed can cool down the processor's heat with just a normal water.

The reason of 'Home PC' is because we design the PC's casing in the shape of house and year of '1980' is because the monitor that we got is an old version monitor so we want to fit the component of our PC with the name of our innovation. Lastly, we decorate our PC with flora and fauna concept to fit with the theme which are we put some fake flowers, animals, and grass.

Below is the video of our project,